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romer is one of the renowned names in manufacturing and developing seawater desalinators. With practically three decades of experience in designing and constructing water treatment facility from debris leachate, steel plant wastewater, cooking wastewater, our global patrons believe and trust the reliability of our seawater desaliantor.
Speech of the PresidentSpeech of the President:
As a leader in seawater desalinators, it has been thirty years since Romer developed its first Sewage project. Over the years, no matter what obstacles we faced, no matter what achievements we obtained, we are still keeping the faith that perseverant with a spirit adhering to let every country, every community, every person has enough drinkable and purified sea water, step by step.

Viewing seawater desalinator as the main features of the company, Romer strives to serve the global market by importing and developing world leading water purification technology and devices. By providing more convenient, simple operation, to last longer, and to give you instant drinking water, Romer will make you a fresh life.

Create a beautiful environment, for the next generation and onwards. We also courage to share our philosophy with the community , cooperate hand in hand, achieve glory and the Chinese enterprises dream in common.
Headquater office:
101-104,Building 5A,Skyworth Innovation Valley,Tangtou 1st Rd,Shiyan Street , Baoan District , Shenzhen, P.R.China
Tel: 086-755-86219380
Fax: 086-755-26484591
Phone:086-186 3712 3131
Email: salesdirector@romertech.com

Technical Office:
Building A3,  Peking UnivesityFounder ShiyanScience Park, BaoAn District,ShenZhen, Guangdong ,P.R. China
Tel: 086-755-26092935
Fax: 086-755-26484591
Email: tech@romertech.com
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