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Vibration Isolation Design (VID):
For swing, vibration and other harsh marine environment, a variety of vibration isolation measures were taken, such as rubber isolator around the motor, high pressure pumps and control box, corrosion-resistant high-pressure hoses were used for the whole system of high-pressure pipes. By doing so it also increases the impact resistance of the device and dual backup system.

Comprehensive Security Design (CSD):
This device offers the function of automatic protection for those situation like the cutoff of water supply or insufficient water supply caused by filter fouling, etc., overpressure of freshwater output, overpressure of high pressure pump output, overload of motor, phase failure, excessive salinity to ensure safety and reliability. In addition, when the fresh water salinity exceeds a set value, defective fresh water will be automatically discharged to ensure that there is no contamination of the fresh water tank.

Automatic Control System Design (ACSD):
Automatic control operation by computer which enables remote monitoring, data acquisition, feedback and control. The linear automatic adjusting valve can be automatically adjusted in different external environment through a comprehensive analysis of the computer to keep the system within a set range.

Anti-Corrosion Design (ACD):
All parts and equipment in contact with sea water are made of 316Ti stainless steel;galvanized coating or paints are used to protect device surface; piping systems are resistant to seawater corrosion; anti-aging high-pressure hose; seawater corrosion resistance is taken into full account for the selection of instruments.

Romer design technology Saving Design (SD):
Turbo collector (recover 35% of energy from waste water emission) or top-level pressure converter (energy recovery equipment to recycle 60 % energy from emissions)

Double System(DS):
All models comprise a single skid with two complete, independent RO systems. The two trains can run together or can be operated on a duty/stand by basis.