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Marine water equipment Standard Series RLM-SS-3 3000LPD RO Water System

  • Item Num :RLM-SS-3
  • Lead Time :30
  • Brand Name :Romer
  • MOQ:1
  • Source Of Water: Contaminated Water Muddy Water Sea Water
  • Energy: Power
  • Capacity: 3Ton
  • Water Type: 80%Domestic Water+20%Drinking Water
  • Application Scenarios: Island Fishing boats-Warships-(Ocean-Going Vessels)
  • Voltage Frequency: 380V60HZ 380V50HZ 240V50HZ 230V50HZ 220V60HZ 220V50HZ 127V50HZ 127V60HZ 110V60HZ 120V60HZ
  • Warranty: 1years
  • Service Life: 25years
  • Advantage: One Key Operation One Key Maintenance Back Flush
ro water system
Marine water equipment Standard Series RLM-SS-3 3000LPD RO Water System
Marine water equipment Standard Series RLM-SS-3 RO 3000LPD Water System,designed for fishing boats,warships and others ocean-going vessesl .
ro water system ro water system ro water system ro water system ro water system ro water system
  • packing
  • Two Level Water Production:
  • We use a proprietary two-level water production technology to reduce operating costs by 25% and a pressure measuring maintenance technology to protect the RO membrane.
  • iquid Flow Combination Control:
  • With liquid flow combination control technology to make the system more stable and reliable, especially suitable for outlying islands and other isolated areas.
  • One Press Key System:
  • Using a one press key system to make the equipment greatly simplified, easier for maintenance. Customers can solve problem by themselves with simple training.
  • Auto Drug Flush System:
  • Each shutdown will automatically flush the system at rated capacity, replacement seawater, allowing the system to maintain a good state after the shutdown, thus extend RO membrane cleaning cycle.
  • packing
  • Packaging:
  • Size:780*540*1350mm
  • Weight:110KG
  • Packaging Details:
  • The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated, or pack it according to customers special request.
  • packing
  • Pre-Sales Service:
  • * Inquiry and consulting support.
  • * Sample testing support.
  • * View our Factory.
  • After-Sales Service:
  • * Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
  • * Engineers available to service overseas.
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